Happy Tails


Rescue One is constantly updating our list of successful adoption stories, or as we like to call them – our Happy Tails.  Below, check out some of our beautiful animals and their new loving homes!  If you would like to contribute your own story, please Contact Us!


Amy had a play date with my daughter’s dog, Gracie.  It was fun to have them both jump in my lap. Amy is such a joy. We are thrilled to have her in our family!




BaileyAhh the dog days of summer….

Thanks Rescue One! You can see Bailey has it pretty rough… :))




BellaThank you Rescue One and all responsible in the care of Bella. She is a wonderful addition to our family!

– The Harris Family




CharlieCharlie was a God-send from Rescue One!  He is such a good boy!





DollyTo Julie and the rest of the volunteers for Rescue One –

Today my little girl Dotty got her first hairdo since I have had her. She looks so adorable. She is still quite nervous around strangers but we are working on social skills. She almost knows how to shake my hand. Her favorite spot to lay is still on the back of the couch right behind me and she will only lay on a particular blanket.  I am very thankful and blessed to have her in my family.


KarleyKarley is getting so big! She can actually get a full size tennis ball in her mouth now. She’s been amazing on potty training and is fitting in just perfectly here in the Callaway household!

– The Callaway Family



MaxHere we have Max and Abbey playing!  It’s like they have known each other for years. Thanks Rescue One!





PedroPedro is having so much fun! . My kids /grandkids, (and oh my gosh the neighbor kids), are all loving him!  He cuddled all night under my arm AND the covers.  He did jump up on the bed.  We are even getting to where we sit before we get a leash and when getting the leash off!  He has already gotten food from the trash (I guess he wanted french bread), and he loves strawberry shredded wheat.  We are so VERY grateful for our little old man!


StellaWe had been wishing and hoping to find the perfect pup for our little family of three, and were not having the best of luck. Then one day when I was about to stop the search, I googled “local dogs for adoption.” The first one that popped up was a Craigslist post with the cutest little big-eared chihuahua named Stellaluna, for her bat-like ears, that had only been posted for 30 minutes! I read her description and immediately knew she was the one. This sweet little furry friend has been the best addition to our home, I don’t know how I went so long without the love and companionship of a dog. She loves to cuddle and go on walks and play for hours on end. The adoption process was so thorough and easy to go through. Her foster mama was delightful and all of the volunteers went above and beyond our expectations for our new furry family member. Thank you RescueOne for what you are doing to help families and animals unite with each other. We love Stella more than words can express.

– Best Wishes from Lindsey, Dakota, Corbin and of course, little miss Stella!


WillieWillie (Jack) has learned to sit. He loves his training treats.  I think he is becoming very spoiled. He spends the evenings in Mike’s lap and they both fall asleep in the chair. They both snore too! When Mike goes to bed, then Willie will come and sit with me until I go to bed! He is so wonderful!

– The Huffington Family