Rescue One is striving to assist the community with needs that may not be met with current programs from other providers.  By working with pet owners to keep their animals healthy and providing them with veterinary care such as basic vaccinations & spaying or neutering, we are hoping to reduce the amount of animals we have to bring in to our program in the future.

Emergency Food Assistance

Sometimes things happen that keep a pet owner from being able to provide even the basic care for their animals.  Rather than have their pets surrendered to a shelter we can often help the owner with temporary food assistance.  No pet should have to be hungry or lose their home because of unforeseen circumstances.  If you need emergency food assistance please email us at: rescueoneouteach@gmail.com.

Free or Reduced Cost Vaccination Clinics

We offer several vaccination clinics throughout the year at a free or reduced cost.  At those clinics we can provide basic vaccinations such as distemper/parvo and rabies shots.  Dates & details for our clinics will be posted on our Rescue One Facebook page.

Spay & Neuter Assistance

By partnering with area veterinarians, AnimalKind, and SAAF, we are able to provide spay & neuter services for pets whose families may not be able to otherwise afford it.  Several events will be posted throughout the year on our Facebook page.  You can also fill out an application here if you need assistance prior to an event.

Other Resources

Paws Pet Pantry

Springfield Animal Advocacy Foundation (SAAF)

The Killuminati Foundation