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Resources, News & Information

Whether you are new to having a dog as a family member or you’re an experienced dog parent, you will no doubt have questions or things come up that you’re not sure how to handle. We’ve assembled some information we hope will help you navigate through pet ownership a little easier. While education and information is important, your dog will need some entertainment, too. Included are a few links for some great fun, games and mental stimulation activities as well. We’ll be adding information as we can so check back often!

Tips for Pet Owners

Thank you Rescue One and all responsible in the care of Bella. She is a wonderful addition to our family!

Charlie was a God-send from Rescue One! He is such a good boy!

Karley is getting so big! She’s been amazing on potty training and is fitting in just perfectly here in the Callaway household!

Pedro is having so much fun! My kids/grandkids (and oh my gosh the neighbor kids), are all loving him!

Today my little girl Dotty got her first hairdo. She looks so adorable! I am very thankful and blessed to have her in my family.

Max and Abbey play together like they have known each other for years. Thanks Rescue One!

Thank you Rescue One for what you are doing to help families and animals unite with each other. We love Stella more than words can express.

Willie has learned to sit. He loves his training treats. I think he is becoming very spoiled!

Amy is such a joy. We are thrilled to have her in our family!

The adoption process was so thorough and easy to go through, and all of the volunteers went above and beyond our expectations for our new furry family member.