Honoring A Dog Who Has Passed Away

Our dogs are our family members and when they pass away it can leave a hole in our hearts that is very hard to heal.  One of the ways we’ve found to help ease some of the pain is to share their memories with others.

Some people choose to make a donation in memory of their pet.  Those donations are, of course, very welcome and a wonderful way to honor your lost family member.  Monetary donations may be made in several ways, visit here for more information.

Making a “care package” in honor of your dog, one that will go to a new Rescue One adopter when they choose a new pet, is another great way to share their memory with others.  Here’s what we would suggest go into that package:

1.  A new collar and matching leash similar to your beloved pet’s.

2.  A new toy that is just like one of your pet’s favorite toys.

3.  A bag or box of good quality treats just like your dog enjoyed.

4.  A letter to the new adopter sharing the story of your beloved pet and wishing them a lifetime of love with their new family member.  Make sure to include a photo of your dog!

5.  Put everything in a clear ziploc-type bag with your dog’s photo facing out so it can easily be seen.

You can add more to the package if you’d like.  Some other ideas might include a pass to the dog park, gift cards to pet stores or grooming facilities, a dog sweater, basically anything your pet loved that you’d like to provide.  You may also choose to sponsor the adoption fee of the dog to the new adopters.  A check made payable to Rescue One for $75 (for a senior pet) or $150 (for any other adoptee) will be used to sponsor the fee for a very lucky adopting family so they can use their funds for other necessities like crates or beds.

We will put your gift aside for when one of our fosters get adopted then we send it with them to their new home.  If you choose to sponsor the adoption fee we will go ahead and deposit your funds at the time you bring your gift in, then we will include a coupon equal to the amount in the package that the new adopter can redeem when their adoption is finalized.

We can’t make the pain of your loss go away but we can make sure that your pet is honored in the best way possible–by helping another dog in need!