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Rescue One assists with free vaccination clinics, spay/neuter assistance, and emergency pet food.

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Rescue Stories


Fiona came to us very emaciated after being dumped by Fellows Lake. Despite her starvation, Fiona was a very sweet dog, with a pleasant temperament toward people. Fiona was in no shape to be adopted out, but thanks to the many generous donors who contributed supplies and medical care, she regained her proper weight and we could begin the process of finding her a forever home. Months later she found the perfect home. Finally, she is a happy dog and has a human who loves her.


Sweet Harlow was found after being shot point blank in the head. She was rushed to the vet where she had to have surgery to remove her eye and bone fragments from her jaw. She bounced back in no time and found her forever home!


Hervil was found in the woods by hikers. He had been shot in the head, so they immediately contacted Rescue One for help. The bullet was lodged in his nasal cavity and had to be surgically removed. After a couple of months of healing, he found a wonderful forever home!


When Ingrid was rescued, she was in terrible shape. She had an injury to her mouth that was very infected, as well as infected ears and skin. She was also over 20 lbs underweight. She appeared to have given up hope. Over the next several months and with aggressive treatment, she began to blossom! While her muzzle is permanently disfigured, she found her forever home and is very loved!


Jetta came to Rescue One with 7 other dogs. She was only a couple of months old, and had a terrible injury to her nose and severe mange. She had to have surgery to be able to breathe out of her nose, and it healed wonderfully! Her skin healed as well, and shortly after that she found her forever home!


Lindy was spotted by someone driving down the road; they could see her ribs from their car. She had a massive tumor on her back left leg that totally encased her foot. Dr. Katie Loula of Christian County vet clinic removed the 2½ lb. tumor, plus a couple of toes. In no time at all, Lindy was walking around without any issues. The hair has all grown back and you can’t even tell that she’s missing a few toes. She put on 15 pounds on in one month, making those ribs disappear. She was adopted by a family with children and now is living the dream in a suburb of Denver with a family that loves her very much!


One of our volunteers shared Morgan’s story. She had been in a shelter in rural Arkansas for over 4 years. After seeing her face, we could not turn away from helping her. Our volunteers drove the 3 hours to get her, and after being in our care for 3 months, she found her forever home!


Topher was found after being dumped in the trash. His stomach was very enlarged, and several liters of fluid had to be drained from his stomach. He was sent to the MU Vet Hospital where he was diagnosed with Cor Triatriatum Dexter, which is a very rare birth defect. He had corrective surgery and is looking forward to living long and happy life!


Zander was rescued in Stone County. It would have been impossible to count all of the punctures on his poor body. Some of his teeth had been pulled, which is not uncommon in bait dogs. He also had a fractured scapula and broken ribs. He was hospitalized for over a week and was unable to get up for 5 days. After several months of rest and love, he recovered! He is a wonderful, loving dog.

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12 hours ago
Rescue One

Happy Tails 💚🐾🐈🐕🎉❤️

14 forever homes were found this week! Congrats everyone and thanks for adopting! #adoptdontshop #UntilThereAreNone
... See MoreSee Less

Happy Tails 💚🐾🐈🐕🎉❤️

14 forever homes were found this week! Congrats everyone and thanks for adopting! #adoptdontshop #UntilThereAreNoneImage attachmentImage attachment+Image attachment

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I love all the good feels and love in these pictures

Such great news! Now, we really need to work on getting Ursa a home! She attacked my daughters dog again. My brother was in town and accidentally opened the door not knowing she was here. I thought I was going to break another ankle getting there to break it up. Thankfully nobody was harmed. She's such a sweet girl otherwise, I just don't understand.

So many beautiful and happy faces on humans and pets!

Wonderful news!! So much love there

Love seeing all those happy faces! 🥰 Congratulations!!

Awesome! Thank you for all you do!

Thank you to the new families.

Congratulations everyone

Happy, happy days.

That's awesome! Congratulations!



These pics always make me so happy!

Blessings to all.


These make me happy

Love this!

Can someone please tell what has happened to Champ and Sara, I'm very concerned😳😳


Congratulations 💕💕💕Wonderful news so happy for your

That's awesome! Congratulations!


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14 hours ago
Rescue One

We are so proud! You rock Dr. Keisker-Boessen, Dr. Rankin, and Dr. Archuleta!Last week we hit a big milestone at our clinic! We couldn't have done this without our awesome staff and the support of our awesome community! ... See MoreSee Less

We are so proud!  You rock Dr. Keisker-Boessen, Dr. Rankin, and Dr. Archuleta!

Comment on Facebook

Congratulations 🎉🎊🎈

Awesome Doctors, thank you all!

16 hours ago
Rescue One

Oh my goodness! Welcome to Rescue One little floofs! ... See MoreSee Less

Comment on Facebook

Omg gorgeous! Front one markings look like Grumpy cat.

How do you sign up to foster to adopt?

OMG! I dreamed of these kittens last night!!💕

How cute! They look like little raccoons! ❤️

Omg I love it😫❤️

Oh my goodness!!! I might need 2!!

Awwwww, how sweet! Someone came to the adoption event before the one this week and was looking for a Siamese kitten.

Ooh how sweet! Sativa look at these babies 💕

Absolutely precious!

So cute!!!! I would adopt them in a heartbeat 🐾😊💝

They have Siamese in them! Too cute!

They are so adorable

They are so adorable

They are beautiful 😍

Oh you got a Grumpy Cat...💕💕💕💛💛

Sweet babies ❤️

They are adorable

Absolutely gorgeous!!!

How adorable 😍

Kenzie Hobbs convince your mom Max needs that 3rd kitty!

Ok I want a kitty! You have my papers in file !

Omg how sweet.

So cute

Filled out the application for one!

So cute

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22 hours ago
Rescue One

Just a friendly reminder that pets are family, not lawn ornaments! Please let them go to a family that will give them lots of love and attention! ... See MoreSee Less

Just a friendly reminder that pets are family, not lawn ornaments! Please let them go to a family that will give them lots of love and attention!

Comment on Facebook

Treat them like FAMILY or dont get them , they have real feelings also . . Do your homework on breeds . . . ALL PUPPIES CHEW

I want to know…from someone who has a dog chained up in the backyard….why do you have a dog? Is there a valid reason for this dog to be on a chain? Seriously, I want to know, to try to understand the reason…the situation.

Never get a dog or cat if you are unable to make a commitment to love and honor your dear pet!!! And especially if you think OUTSIDE LIVING is acceptable 😥😥☹️☹️👎

Hate to see a dog chained up to a tree, my pup got the best seat in the house

I have never had a dog that stays outside! Their family and they sleep inside with their own bed or in my bed and half the time they eat what we eat as long as it's good for them. My baby is like my kid.

People should think very carefully before acquiring any animal companion. If you are not prepared to give the love and committed care they need for their whole life, then please don't do this 🙏

Just a reminder if you let them loose they can run off and probably not come back even if you have love them and feed them. Then you have to go around finding them

Don’t get your little kids, pets and do this to them when the kids are bored of them

Yes and not on a chain!!!! Maybe a chain link fence or a chain link leash but they deserve so much more love 😍 if you're not willing to give that leave them where they are at!!!

Don't get a dog if you can't love and treat them like family

Please don't! Where I come from, this is the usual solution. They need their own space to be, not being a chained animal!!

Just don't do this - EVER!!


My 2 dogs and 2 cats run this house. I have 2 chihuahuas and they go where they want. I never like seeing a dog chained up



This wicked choice to tie fog up in backyard or anywhere outside IS AGAINST THE LAW WHERE I COME FROM!’n

No way

Please don't get a dog or puppy if your heart was never into it or I'm going to get a dog so it can sit a chain in winter elements with no shelter dog house with insulation and freeze to death the summer it was on the news where i live ,this lazy women left her dog in the blistering heat and it was crying before it went into a heat stroke and died.she didn't care yeah she's in jail and will not have the privilege to ever own another one any normal competent human with any kind of feelings would never allow this to happen

How can anyone treat an animal like this, why have a dog????

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2 days ago
Rescue One

How amazing is this!!??!! Thank you so much from all of us at Rescue One! ... See MoreSee Less

How amazing is this!!??!! Thank you so much from all of us at Rescue One!Image attachmentImage attachment+8Image attachment

Comment on Facebook

Wow! Thank you Kaydence and Modified Obsessions!

Thankyou Kaydence! You are a very caring young girl Your compassion for animals is wonderful! May you continue to ca

What an amazing group of people. Kaydence, thank you for your kindness of thinking of our homeless and sonetimes hurt dogs and cats. We are greatful for you.

Bless Kaydence & everyone at Modified Obsessions for your generosity & giving hearts!!

Awesome!!thank you!

Absolutely beautiful!

Wow! This is awesome! Thank you Kaydence

Thank you! 💖🐾💙

Absolutely amazing

Firefly says Thank you!!!

Thank you Kaydence!

What a special young lady!!!!

So glad to help! Wouldn’t have been able to do it without my car family!! You guys do amazing work!!

Special girl for sure

Thank you so so so much!!!

Thank you so much!!!

What a sweet girl.

Thank you❤️❤️❤️

Wow! That’s awesome

Many thanks to all! 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

care about others.

The world need more like her💗


Wow! That's awesome! Thank you

Thank you!

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2 days ago
Rescue One

... See MoreSee Less

Comment on Facebook


Do you let people foster in other states??

I’m surprised more people here in the Ozarks don’t own a few cats. I have two and never see bugs or scorpions in my house. Well, live one’s at least.

Adorable and beautiful little kitten ❤️❤️😍

We are at 1927 E Bennett

That is one awesome colored kitty!!

I have a few

Awwwww they beautiful

Where are you located at

The first one u showed


Where are you located

Is. The top one double pawed

Do you have any birds

Granitville Vermont he came up missing

They're so cute and adorable

I’m looking for my missing cat simone


Soooooo adorable how much are they!

Beautiful cats!


😍😍😍😍i want...🥰🥰🥰😘😘😘

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