Rescue One's Community Cat Program

Rescue One’s Community Cat Program

Statistics show that Trap-Neuter-Return (TNR) efforts are much more successful at reducing outdoor cat populations than simply removing/relocating these cats. TNR involves trapping outdoor cats, spaying/neutering them, vaccinating them, and returning them to the territories they know. Programs like this ensure that outdoor cats are not spreading diseases and are not able to reproduce and contribute to the overpopulation of cats.  Our community cat program has helped prevent thousands of litters so far in our community.

Here are 3 ways you can help:

1.) We need volunteers to help trapping and transporting. If you are interested, please fill out a volunteer application at…/volunteer-application/. Traps are provided!

2.) Offer shelter to a TNR cat with your shop or barn! These homes are always needed and provide a much better quality of life for these cats. Please email us at if you are interested.

3.) Sponsor a cat! It costs about $25 to spay or neuter a feral cat. You can sponsor a cat at This helps us spay and neuter more cats!

Thank you for supporting and joining our efforts to better the lives of animals in our community!