Foster Care

Foster Care

Foster homes are the backbone of Rescue One. If you’re willing to open your home to a deserving dog in need of some love, this is the gig for you! Rescue One provides for all necessary medical expenses and donates all of the basic supplies needed for fostering. We will search for a responsible, well-matched adopter for your foster dog, and we invite you to be as involved in that process as you wish to be.

About Foster Care

Why Do Animals Need to be Fostered?

Foster homes are at the heart of Rescue One’s ability to save lives. Currently, we have limited foster resources, and as a result we often have to turn dogs in need away. Fostering is certainly a commitment, but the rewards are endless! As a foster parent, you gain constant companionship and the knowledge that you are helping to save a life and providing a second chance to very deserving animals. While you foster, Rescue One will provide you with the following essentials to make sure that there is as little a burden placed on you as possible:

  • » All veterinary expenses (using one of our partner vets)
  • » Food
  • » Flea Treatment/Prevention & Heart Worm Protection
  • » Crate (if needed)

What Do Foster Parents Do?

Pet foster parents are very much like child foster parents. They care for a homeless pet as if he/she was their own until he/she gets adopted. By fostering you are able to learn about the pet’s personality, likes, and dislikes so that they can be better matched to the right forever home. We ask that our fosters provide shelter, transportation to and from adoption events, and most importantly love and attention. No dog will be placed in an outdoor-only environment.

Why It Works

  • » Dogs receive one-on-one attention in a loving foster home. This allows us to truly get to know each animal for better adoption placement.
  • » Living in a foster home gives the dog time to adjust to the many changes and sometimes difficult pasts they have endured.
  • » They can regain their emotional well being through the kindness and constant loving care and attention that they receive.
  • » We make sure every animal receives all necessary vetting and proper nutrition.
  • » In their own time, our dogs are physically and socially ready to be adopted into their family.

How To Apply

Application: Please fill out and submit our online foster care application. You may also download a PDF version, complete it, then either email it to us, or send it by regular mail to:

Rescue One
1927 E Bennett St.
Springfield, MO 65804

Home Visit: After your application has been submitted and reviewed, you will be contacted by one of our volunteers to schedule a visit to your home. Rescue One and state law require a home visit for all new foster families. During this friendly visit, Foster Care staff member will come to your home to get to know you and your family.

Foster Pet Profile: With your input, our Foster Care team will create a profile of the animals that would best fit in your home environment. For example, if you have a female dog that does not get along with other females, we will only have you foster male dogs. If you work full time and cannot care for young puppies, we will only have you foster adults. You may also be asked to speak to or screen potential adopters. All necessary veterinary care is paid for by Rescue One.

Welcoming Home a Foster Pet: When a foster animal is available for your situation, we will contact you and you can begin fostering.

Questions: If you have questions that need answers prior to submitting an application, please email us, and one of our volunteers will respond promptly.

Fostering = Love

Thank you Rescue One and all responsible in the care of Bella. She is a wonderful addition to our family!

Charlie was a God-send from Rescue One! He is such a good boy!

Karley is getting so big! She’s been amazing on potty training and is fitting in just perfectly here in the Callaway household!

Pedro is having so much fun! My kids/grandkids (and oh my gosh the neighbor kids), are all loving him!

Today my little girl Dotty got her first hairdo. She looks so adorable! I am very thankful and blessed to have her in my family.

Max and Abbey play together like they have known each other for years. Thanks Rescue One!

Thank you Rescue One for what you are doing to help families and animals unite with each other. We love Stella more than words can express.

Willie has learned to sit. He loves his training treats. I think he is becoming very spoiled!

Amy is such a joy. We are thrilled to have her in our family!

The adoption process was so thorough and easy to go through, and all of the volunteers went above and beyond our expectations for our new furry family member.