T-Shirt Design Contest

Rescue One T-Shirt Design Contest

Whether you are a professional graphic artist or simply artistically talented, you can put your mark on Rescue One’s newest t-shirt design.

We sell our t-shirts as fundraisers so your contribution will help the animals in our program with vetting expenses, medications, food, treats, and much more.

If we choose your design, you’ll not only have bragging rights but you’ll get free merchandise featuring your design.

The contest ends February 6th, 2019 so get to work!


Official rules and regulations posted below, please read carefully.

Contest Rules

1. Design does not need to include the Rescue One logo. The logo can be printed on the T-shirt in addition to the design.

2. Design should be limited to three colors in addition to background color (to be determined).

3. By entering the contest, the submitter certifies that the design is original and does not infringe on copyright laws.  The design,  nor any component of the design, may contain copyrighted images, logos, language, slogans, or any other copyrighted material.

4. Designers must agree that any artwork submitted in the contest period becomes the property of Rescue One immediately upon submission and may be used at Rescue One’s discretion in print advertising, internet, social media, merchandise or other promotional uses.  No compensation of any kind will be issued upon use to the submitter whether during the contest period or any time after the contest period.

5. Designs must be 300 dpi or better so they are suitable for print media as well as for use in online channels. JPG, PDF, PNG files are accepted.

6. Submit designs by email to stephanie.rescueone@gmail.com on or before February 6th 2019. You may submit more than one design.