PetToonies Fundraiser

PetToonies Fundraiser!

November 1st through 7th, you can order a digital portrait of your pet! Once the fundraiser has closed, we will provide your email to the artist, Irene, at PetToonies. You will work directly with PetToonies for your custom art, and your finished artwork will be provided to you by PetToonies.

Each PetToonie is $60. Rescue One receives $15 of the cost of the portrait. Each PetToonie is for 1 pet on a solid background color of your choice. There are no limit on the number of PetToonies you can purchase! Customization is available, but Rescue One does not receive any funds from additional options purchased when working directly with PetToonies. You will work directly with Irene at PetToonies to send photos, add customization, and receive your digital portrait directly from PetToonies.